Thursday, May 14, 2009


Our team this year is made up of our wonderful country directors: Sean and Melissa- two opposites that work so well together and help us explore, laugh, and share thoughts and ideas.

Then, we have 9 girls and 1 boy (not including the country directors).
Here are a few descriptions of our team members:

Melissa: She likes old men with no teeth. She dances to all the music playing in the tiendas, more specifically the pharmacy `bomb` music! She is always relaxed and optimistic.

Sean: Also known as John, Juan, Juancho! Saves all the bugs when we try to kill them. Handiman.Makes us laugh.

Josie: Has been to Guatemala before. Knows the streets of Chimal (Chimaltenango). Never gets sick. Sweet and willing to help.

Kim: Can say the smallest phrase and get us all to laugh for no reason. CUTE!

Elizabeth: Attracts Guate boys instantly. Dedicated and Sweet!

Krysta: Originally from Guate. First time back since she was 7 years old. Likes to laugh, joke around, work hard. She wants to carry, hug and squeeze (with love) all the kids and the elderly.

Stephanie: Our Canadian! She does not speak fluent Spanish, and does not understand much, but she is so willing to help and dedicate herself to the people.

Dana: Concentrates so hard when we meet with directors, and they are speaking in Spanish. She has tons of energy! She is all about working and having fun.

Amber: Loves learning and being natural! Honest with people.

Kelli: Always laughing :) She can lighten up the room instantly!

Leah: You have to see her hand expressions, they will blow your mind! Talkative and fun to be with.

David: The one and only boy partering with Sean to play tricks on the girls. Just kidding! He is very caring and a great listener.

Hope you can know us that much better with just a few words.

Stay posted for more to come!