Monday, August 18, 2008

Give Me Your Words

On The Road we walk on, we fear not The Book Thief. For to him we gladly give every word we have ever learned. If time permit, we’d drink Three Cups of Tea with him. We’d converse about What is the What?, Mans Search for Meaning, And the poison drawn from The Poison Wood Bible. He would ask me about the White Mans Burden and I would ask him if he has yet to visit The Digital Fortress. In an Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close way, I would learn more from him then he from me, although he would probably say the same. After the stories he would tell of his brother The Lightning Thief—I know his face could never leave me. Because in some way our conversation would better connect us then the monotonous conversations of “ Where are you from”?, and “How many people are in your family”. We have shared something greater. Knowledge!

In the short amount of time we have spent in Guatemala, we have the opportunity to pass around a few of our favorite books. Each book has thought us a little more about ourselves. Rather the insights the volunteers have taken from these books and applied them to our late night pillow talks, have has thought us a little more about each other. Each quote shared adds another block of knowledge to the memory of our time here together. May you learn a little more about your self in doing the same.

This past week we said bye to Amy. We miss you! The childrenat Cero Alto y Santa Isabel are ready for the Guate Idol, if Simon Cowell allows them to sing down by the banks. Semuc was amazing this weekend. We did a little bridge diving, tree jumping, rope swinging, and bat cave exploring. When you work hard you have to play hard.

The Guate Book List

The Book Thief

Three Cups of Tea

What is aWhat?

Mans Search for Meaning

The Poison Wood Bible

The Digital Fortress

The Whites mans Burden.

The Poisonwood Bible

The Lighting Thief


Amy said...

Who wrote this? I love the creativity behind it. Thanks for all the hard work guys!