Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Buying toothpaste and it says 14 Q. Response: "What the heck? 14 bucks for toothpaste?!" Oh wait, that is only like 2 dollars.

You walk down the block and there are dogs everywhere!!! Then, you look on top of a house and the dog is just chilling up there. How do they get there?.... There are many that seem to like that spot :)

You are waiting for the bus and suddenly, what seems like a mini van, stops right where you are and they are practically pushing you into their van. Mind you, there are already ten people already there. It is packed! The guy that lures you in assures you there is space as he is holding on to the opened van door when he pulled up. Suddenly, ten more volunteers fit in that microbus. He unfolds 3 hidden chairs on the side. How do you fit?! That is part of the experience.

Bus drivers are, by far, the best and worst drivers! They can drive through two semi-trucks, while curving around pedestrians, and making narrow turns. Not to mention, they go 60-80 miles per hour. SICK!

Restaurants in Chimal:
Do NOT ask for the menu! THERE IS NO MENU! haha. Also, it is always the same food- pollo o res- in different variations.
As far as prices go, some restaurant workers charge what they think they can get from you. I.e.: "17 Q para ti, oh y tu? umm... 15Q,etc" It is quite funny.

" Cat calls"
Whistling and beeping is common, but even more common is calling you by making a "ch-sh-ch-sh" sound. It sounds like a call for a dog, but that is how they call your attention. (They even do it amongst each other- it is a form of "hey, you!"

Little bike-cars that have a big cardboard or wooden box around them with ads and huge speakers on the top with music, or a deep, vendor voice convincing you that he has the best deals! Our common and favorite one is the one early in the morning that says: "zeta gasssssss" repetatively in a creepy voice.

Meetings with directors:
-They are in the middle of an important conversation and their phone rings- and they pick it up and start another conversation. When they are done they apologize and continue with your conversation.
-When you set appointments they show up late. Their time frame is different....

Katchikel kids:
They admire us! They run up to us and hug us or wave like if we were celebreties :)
They sometimes ask how to say a variety of random, English words. They are CUTE!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Every word you wrote is 100% la verdad. Thanks. I've been gone 2 weeks and it brought me right back ;)