Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of Stoves and Lots of Good-byes

We are struggling to get all the stoves done. Our chimney maker, Fransisco Silo, is a little behind and we have over 100 chimneys to give away this week. NOTE FOR NEXT YEAR: Only pay 1/2 the bill to motivate people to get chimneys built for you. Genevieve´s parents came to visit us and they lasted 1 night in the pink and green house before they had to go find a clean hotel room with a nice shower, but we had a ton of fun working with them.

Last week some of the team found San Maximilio, the sinner/saint worshipped in these parts. A lady will cleans your aura by spitting alcohol all over you, but we thought that wasn´t necessary.
We also hit up the hot springs that are just outside of Chimal, finally. If you go before the park opens the park ranger doesn´t charge you, SCORE! They were more like warm-springs but we had a blast all getting up a 4:45 together.

The team is dwindling down to just 5. Amy leaves on Thursday and Creighton left this morning at 4:00 am. We had a really fun cook out last night for Creighton and built a 3 foot lincoln log fire to send him off properly. After Amy leaves there will be just 5 of us in the house: Sam, Geno, Jimmy, Rilee and Natalie. But that doesn´t phase us. Enjoy the pics.