Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This week in Chimaltenango......

During the week we were busy at work with our projects. All of them are up and running now and are going well. It has been especially fun to visit the villages and make the adobe stoves with the women of the villages. One odd job this week that I really enjoyed was clearing off a corn field with a machete so that we can put the portable house of a senile old man there. After we layed down that corn we burned it to the ground and smoothed out the turf for a solid foundation. Then we had to assemble his house which was a pile of scrap metal with no instructions. But through some good detective work we did it. We´re going to finalize it this afternoon.

Well, all is well in our little green and pink house. Every night the street urchins come out and play some soccer with us in the street, and we've taught them how to pound the potato fist hand grenade style after a goal is scored. We are all happy and most everyone is healthy with the exception of Nicole who has had a recent bout with jungle fever.

We got the chance to go to the house of the Lord up in Guatemala city on saturday. That was nice, we also ran into the El Salvador team on the front lawn. There were many young men trying to catch the eye of our ladies and they kept asking me to try to hook them up with them.

Some of us went to a wild dance club in Antigua on saturday night. We were shaking our moneymakers like crazy and even earned some free clorets gum from the official Clorets dance team.

The mayor also invited us into his office to cut a little policy with him. Here is a picture of democrasy in action.