Monday, May 12, 2008

Antigua, Garage Cafe y Mas

Everyone got in, including Creighton who spent a week in Mexico relaxing before coming to Guate, and we are all settling into this new environment. Today was the first day of real rain and Dan swears he saw a lightning bolt hit the cell phone tower.

We have all been eating out a lot because we haven’t found a good deal on a fridge yet. Our favorite place (or maybe just the closest to our house) is the “Garage CafĂ©” which is actually in someone’s garage. Great food. And at 15 quetzales per lunch you can’t beat it.

Genevieve and I cooked spaghetti for Luis and his family on the second to last night we stayed with him. Here’s a picture of me cutting onions with my snorkel mask (which was a graduation present from my mother-in-law) on to keep me from crying.

Our house is SA-WEET. We have a roof where we hold team meetings and everybody uses to get some fresh air in the mornings to help them wake up.

The view is pretty cool too.

We also got to head down to Antigua, which is just a half hour away. Here’s everyone waiting for our ride.