Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lessons learned

So the first lessons I learned in Guatemala are:

1. Don`t pay the bus driver when you first get on, you´ll look stupid. Just have a seat and someone will come by to get your money.

2. Why you say "buenos dias" on the phone, wait for the other person to answer. In the states we don´t do this, we just say: "hey how´s it going I have a question for you" but here they are going to say good morning back it you´ll be talking over them

3. The smell of mold is the same no matter what country you are in

4. Having your shoes get dirty is much better than your feet, lots of dog poo. I am really glad that I brought shoes. I thought I would be wearing my chacos day and night, but shoes are good.

5. The people we meet dress nice. The first day I was in a t shirt and felt under dressed. The collared shirts are great now for meetings

6. Hot bucket showers are better than cold regular showers