Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to Guatemala, we´ve got fun and games...

This week we went to Quiche and worked in the villages around there. Unfortunately we ran into a few problems while we were there like theft and misunderstandings, but the group came together and made the best of it. It was a great learning experience that will be valuable as we continue making stoves in other aldeas (villages). And despite these hickups, we were able to make a nice difference for about 83 families. One of these villages was nearly a two hour hike in the mountains where not much, if any, had been given before. It was beautiful up there and there was a sweet waterfall we got to wash off in just to top it all off.
Also this week, we got some new projects started. First, we're going to help build extra rooms to a man's house who was just called to be the bishop in his ward. He is 27, married, has 5 children, and they all live in a one room house with no water or power. He's lived like this for years but never complained and mentioned it. Finally the principle of a school we work with found out and is organizing the project. The other project is for a small village where the people are too poor to go to school. We are going to teach some classes, have activities, and give some supplies to help them get to where the need to be.
We had three new volunteers join us this week: Nicole B., Rachel J, and Rachel W. Quiche was a great way to break them into the Guatemala experience. Although they were just thrown into the whirlwind of Guatemala they have all had a great attitude despite the crazy chicken bus rides, fireworks waking them up at 2 in the morning, and mild cases of the Boo… We are excited to have them here and know that they will be a great asset to out team. However, we are all sad to the first wavers leave this week. I am sure that none of us will forget the incredible experiences we have had together these past six weeks, and I am almost certain that there will be many more to come once we return to school this upcoming fall. But as always, all is well in the pink and green house and we are all looking forward to the fun experiences and adventures we are going to have this week!