Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monterrico and other adventures

Last Tuesday was a sad day as we said good-bye to all of our first wavers. There is no doubt that we will miss their personalities in the house!

One of the least-mentioned, but most-fun projects we have going on right now is business. Dane and Amy are using short stories and colorful images to train basic business principles to people who are receiving micro-credit loans. At least one day a week, a small group of volunteers are going out to the villages and helping teach business classes that focus on separating business and personal expenses, budgeting and planning, and being smart with expenses. Business rocks!

After six weeks here in Guatemala, we finally began to hand out chimneys in several of the villages. We had a celebration where there was a lot of speaking, laughing, and good food. At the end of the party we handed out the chimneys to the women who were more than grateful to finally be able to have a way to escape the smoke in their homes.

Mesoamericana may be on a two week vacation, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still going out to Patzicia to work. Don Pedro, the grounds crew man at the school, was just called to be a bishop in Patzicia but only had a one room house. So instead of going to the school this week, we trucked over to his house to add some additions so that he can meet with people in private in his home. This was a way fun project that included everything from knocking out a window and a door to digging foundation and laying bricks.

On Saturday, all the volunteers went to Monterrico beach in southern Guatemala for a brief get-a-away. The Pacific Ocean waves were so strong that our sun block didn’t stand a chance of staying on. But regardless, relaxing and laying on the beach was a slice of heaven that was much needed and we all had a great time!