Monday, July 14, 2008

When the cats are away...

This last week Sam & Genevieve took off for Honduras Bay Islands for vacaction and the rest of us were left in the pink and green house running the show. Amy, as offical Assistant (to the) Country Director was in charge of the team and did a great job, i.e. there were no broken bones or robberies. We´ve been trying to get a lot of stoves done so that we can use the grant we received from LDS Welfare Services. Kat´s dad and brother came to help us out. We also have Janet and Chelsea here doing a site visit and we´re enjoying their company too! And we are excited to have the 3rd waivers here in just a few days. It´s going to be a full house!

We also got to go with Enterprise Mentors and a National Geographic photographer out to some villages where we work to take some pictures. It was pretty awesome. Another great project right now is the new library we are going to be putting into the KASTA JIBAL school here in Chimaltenango. Phillis, the HELP Librarian, hooked us up with some book money and we just happened to come across this school that needed help with their library.
Coming soon: Best Chicken Bus picture!

All is well in the pink and green house!